Harold Kensington London is a creative design company founded on ethos of fit and function. It is directed by Harold Kensington, a luxury ready-to-wear creative, who recently collaborated such brands as Wales Boner developing styles for Menswear Fall 2018, Curieux Fall 17 and DEVI a nightwear brand founded on the fit and technology of bras.

The bespoke design service offered by Harold Kensington is ideal for individuals/brands aim to outsource and create designs specifically tailored to personal taste or aesthetic. The individual or brand selects a package from the SHOP page, this purchase is a 1 hour design consultation outlining design elements, details and sizing.

With the success of design consultation/approved style, the individual/brand will progress on to purchasing a package of hours to complete the next design creation phase (CAD drawing/Pattern making).

Harold Kensington London aims to revolutionise the fashion industry through collaborations with individuals who desire to be creative or duplicate/modify a favourite item of clothing, and to further this collaboration to brands with goals to define a distinct aesthetic for a collection or series of products.

For Further information of how this service can be of benefit, please get in touch us via the CONTACT page.